Who are my potential social media followers?

Who are my potential social media followers?

Do you want to know who they are?

This article will look at your target audience and find the perfect way to match your followers.

The reality is that in the modern world, people do not get news from newspapers and magazines as it was before. With the advent of the Internet, 80% of the world's users get both local and global news from social networks.

This suggests that you need to study your target audience to increase your presence on social networks and become popular. This is part of a social media marketing strategy.

There are many popular public platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and many more. And here, we want to look at different groups of fans and social media followers, depending on the platform.

Active user

These are ordinary users who make the most use of social networking sites. They like, comment, and share posts very often. They regularly visit social networks.

This way, they won't miss any of your posts or promotional material. Turning these active users into loyal followers of your brand will significantly help your social media promotion.

Young Users

These are followers who are on social media for entertainment. They are young, energetic, and fashionable. They are interested in areas such as sports, cinema, or fashion.

They spend the most time browsing posts, and news feeds related to these areas. Any brand needs to reach such a lively and vibrant audience.

Detailed reader

There are fewer such fans of social networks. They have a lot of free time for themselves and go through most of the posts in their news feeds in detail.

It takes less effort to get their attention. But make sure you don't spam them. They prefer detailed and informative posts over vague links.

Random reader

This type of social media follower browses news feeds in their spare time. Social media marketers develop their strategies mainly with this group of users, who make up most of the social media fans.

Social media marketers use visually appealing photos, viral videos, opinion polls, call-to-action campaigns, and more to grab their attention. They react to the most engaging content on social media.

Since they make up the majority of social media users, creating social media strategies that target them is essential.

Business User

They use social media to promote their business. Today, every company has a presence on various social networks. This is important for brand recognition and promotion.

These business users can team up with each other to reach a wider audience. Large brands may have ties to complementary brands with a strong regional presence to get more people.

social media followers

For deals and offers

They are on social media to keep track of the latest deals and offers available online. They tend to try different promotional offers provided by other companies.

This group of social media fans is a valuable source of sales for organizations. They will also share their social media experiences, increasing your product sales.

Official users

They are more serious social media users. They mainly belong to the older age group—their areas of interest range from politics to social causes.

Projecting your brand as socially responsible will drive those users to like your brand's social media pages.

Others perceive their views and opinions on social media as more credible. But finally, the nature of the product/service you are selling should define your social media target audience.


These people are on social media to make money by finding freelance jobs. After analyzing their profiles and followers, companies can choose freelancers according to their needs and requirements.

Social media is where you can find a lot of fantastic talent in various fields such as content creation, web design, photography, social media promotion, and more.

Loyal Users

Loyal followers are what every social media marketer should dream of. Once your brand wins their liking, they will promote your brand online and offline.

They will also protect your brand from unwarranted criticism. They would be happy to participate in various promotional activities on social networks.

Their feedback and suggestions can help improve your brand's customer experience. Companies reward such loyal subscribers with gift vouchers, vouchers, etc.

Content Creator

Content creators or Influencers are those users of social networks who themselves have a large number of followers under them. These are either celebrities or very active users of social networks.

You can reach a larger audience by getting them to share your brand. These influencers are considered reliable sources of information for their followers.

So when they support your brand, more customers are more likely to use it.

Problem Users, or Trolls

This group of users strongly express their opinions on social networks. Taken together, they can destroy your brand, denigrating it on social media. They must be handled very carefully.

They may turn against your brand on issues completely unrelated to your business. So never allow them to turn against your brand.

Take this information into service, and promoting your content will go easily and joyfully.