How to get more Instagram followers?

How to get more Instagram followers?

Today, few active people do not have an Instagram account. And therefore, this question is of interest not only to novice bloggers but also to business owners.

Some methods no longer work. They are outdated. And in this article, led by, we will try to analyze the current ways to grow IG followers today.

Why do we need to buy more followers on Instagram?

A personal and commercial account may have different goals, but in the end, financial interest plays the leading role for both. An increase in subscribers guarantees bloggers' popularity, useful contacts, and, as a result, the sale of advertising services on their sites.

Marketers know that you can make good money with just a few thousand subscribers since such sites have a narrower audience and, therefore, more loyal.

So keep in mind that advertisers look at profile stats, popularity, and content leanness.

Many specialists in various fields - trainers, nutritionists, psychologists, cosmetologists, etc. - use Instagram accounts to increase brand awareness and recognition of competence.

Some develop into bloggers with a million-strong audience, and the cost of cooperation is already thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars. This allows you to mass sell services and goods, such as products from well-known brands, books, and conduct paid workshops.

When it comes to business, a promoted commercial account allows you to increase sales and attract potential buyers in areas such as tourism, construction, design, restaurant business, and much more.

It would help if you also considered the promotion of creativity on Instagram. After all, for example, a novice performer posts recordings of his works on his account and participates in various competitions, which an influential producer or musician can notice. This may lead to cooperation with financial interests.

Audience Recruitment

To grow your audience, you need to work on your Instagram profile. To do this:

  1. Come up with a memorable and understandable nickname.
  2. On the avatar, indicate your company's logo or a picture associated with your type of activity.
  3. Add a concise and coherent description. If this is a store, then add a link to it.

Break up serious content with entertaining posts. The main thing is to stick to the general theme of the content.

High-quality images and videos.

Try to post videos in the same style. Applying the same filters will give a sense of consistency and professionalism.

Now it’s clear why you need an increase in the number of Instagram subscribers and how to prepare your profile for the audience's arrival.

Below we will briefly discuss ways to promote your channel and attract an audience.

Friends and acquaintances 

Сan becomes the first subscriber to your account. The immediate environment will help to interest new users in your content.

Use traffic from other channels

To do this, fix the link to your Instagram profile on other social networks. To draw attention to the link, write a short post. It will not be superfluous to go to your profile. You need to be noticed in any way.

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Use hashtags to make finding the content you're looking for easier. It will be enough to create two or three. But the hashtag should display the content of the video as specifically as possible. For example, the hashtag #travel is a high-volume search, and posts go down very quickly. You can write #travelparis, #parisonbike, and then it will be easier for the target audience to find you.

However, high-frequency tags sometimes also need to be used to expand the audience.

Instagram can find the desired tags manually.


Also, to get more Instagram followers, you can use geotags to indicate location data.

This will be especially useful if you travel or want to attract an audience from a particular region.

Comments to other bloggers

You may think comments under other bloggers' posts are against you. But it's not. By leaving comments under posts with similar topics, you can get in the eyes of your target audience. You can leave your feedback to look competent. Only the tone of statements should be friendly and polite. At the same time, it is highly likely that they will be interested in you and want to get acquainted with your account.

When you decide to promote your posts, choose the best ones that show a common theme. Promise to continue in the next post. You can also link to previous posts. The text on the photo should "cling" and not cause negative emotions.

Stimulation of activity

To increase IG followers, involve subscribers and guests in discussions, ask leading questions, ask for comments and share with friends. The spirit of unity will help you become more popular.


Stay up to date with news and events in your field. A new street name, a new route - people need information and let them be one of the first to hear it from you. This will attract new followers and increase the number of likes under your posts.


Communicate, and be interested in the opinion of subscribers. You need to collect feedback to understand whether you are moving in that direction. Thanks to this, you will be able to build content for the audience and increase engagement.

Let's move on to a method that will quickly increase the number of followers on Instagram. Some nuances are worth knowing.

Buying IG followers and likes from will help newbies and avid users promote their accounts. At competitive prices, you will receive a high level of service. Therefore, we recommend using this method.

So, for each post, you are guaranteed to get likes, comments, saves, and shares. Your profile becomes more visible and popular. But it is worth knowing that likes and shares must be introduced in a dosed and thoughtful way. To develop tactics, a live chat works on the site. You can always get advice on your promotion strategy from experts.

To quickly gain followers on Instagram, use the maximum opportunities. Implement all the methods we discussed in this article, and success will not be long in the coming.