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After its launch in 2010, Instagram gained so much popularity that it now has millions of active users each day.

The inclusion of messaging has also improved the user base to a very large extent. In 2012, this platform was acquired by Facebook, Inc. for one billion USD and since then, it has skyrocketed in popularity.



  • Instagram or IG is a social media platform on which one can share photos and videos and communicate with anyone with an account on the system.
  • Posts are shared publicly or with an approved list of people called 'followers' in the form of pictures or videos. How you use them creatively is all up to you.
  • Users browse each other's content by tags and locations. Trending content is suggested to other users too. One 'likes' the photos of any other user and to get regular updates from another person's feed. One can follow his/her account and get notified automatically when their feed gets updated.
  • A 24-hour format is present for the use which gets removed out of existence after the stipulated time. Any video of length less than or equal to 15 seconds can be uploaded for people to watch. This is termed as 'uploading a story'.
  • You cannot post a clip longer than a minute and links can be shared in stories by people with business accounts or 'the blue tick'.
  • Currently, Christiano Ronaldo is the most followed male, and Ariana Grande the most followed female.
  • A new feature was introduced in 2018 termed as IGTV, which allowed users to create their channels and upload clips longer than a minute.


  • The higher the number of followers you have, the more popular and in-demand you are.
  • The higher your likes and followers, the more you are promoted across other user accounts and the more likely your content will gather popularity.
  • If you approach this feature with a business point of view, many brands and companies are always on the lookout for the pages with a high ratio of followers to promote their brands to the masses.
  • Likes tell you how much your content is appreciated and thus, this whole system is a complete publicity package if you know creative ways to implement your advertisement strategy. TV ads don't have as much value as do Instagram ads and paid partnerships.


Hence the higher the number of followers, the higher the likes and the more profitable this platform is for you.




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Instagram is an important app that has gained a large user base and hence, it can be used for any kind of brand endorsement if you have such following and you can charge for any amount you want.

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If you are not into putting money in this process, then too, you can increase your followers, likes, and comments. This can be simply done by the following method, but, the catch is that these methods require time and patience and exceptional and eye-catching content.


  • Have a complete and creative bio, captions, and most importantly, a catchy and creative username. Bio links also attract more followers.
  • Regularly post stories and images or videos, or else, your followers might even forget why they followed you in the first place.
  • If you somehow manage to get attention, get your existing followers and other public accounts to post your content, and divert their followers towards your account.


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