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Introduction to YouTube

YouTube was created in February 2005 by three former PayPal employees. Its headquarters is situated in San Bruno, California. It now operates as one of Google’s subsidiaries, as Google bought YouTube in the year 2006. On YouTube, a user can share, view, rate, upload, add to playlists, comment, and report videos and also subscribe to other users. In the latest update of YouTube, a user can also post pictures on the site along with videos of any length. It is a magnet, where all kinds of videos meet and are available free of cost. There are educational videos, dance choreographies, cooking videos, news, and much more. There is no stopping YouTube, as it is a way to make people aware and create entertainment for them. Most of the videos are available free of cost except premium channels that require subscription, film rentals, as well as YouTube Premium and YouTube Music.


History of YouTube

It was brought to life by Jawed Karim, Steve Chen, and Chad Hurley, who used to work at PayPal. According to Karim, the idea came to him when he could not find a specific clip online anywhere, and also, he had difficulty in sharing videos with another person. This led to the idea of having an app that is a collection of all the videos, and these videos can be easily accessed and shared among people. It began as a venture capital start-up with the help of Sequoia Capital and Artis, who invested $11.5 million and $8 million respectively. Its first headquarters was situated in California, and it was a small apartment above a pizza place. Its domain name came into force on February 14, 2005, and it was “”. Various developments took place later on. The first video to be ever uploaded on YouTube had the title “Me at the Zoo”. But YouTube still did not have a big break, but it certainly became more popular after Google acquired it on October 9, 2006. YouTube is one of the providers of online videos in the United States and is pretty dominant. In 2020, during the time of the COVID 19 pandemic, the usage of YouTube has known no bounds and has grown greatly. It is such an inspiring tale in which an idea turned into a big opportunity that Google decided to buy it! It is really inspiring and innovative.


YouTube Creator Awards

When you see a YouTube video, you may come across many users that put up content that you like. In order to keep yourself updated regarding their videos, you can subscribe to their channel. It will show them that you like their videos and see them regularly. This “number of subscribers” makes a YouTuber to earn a certain amount of money and get incentives. It’s a competition that happens between YouTubers and these numbers play a huge role in a YouTuber getting famous. You can also Buy 10000 YouTube subscribers for your channel.


When a YouTuber starts reaching a good number of viewers, YouTube has a creative way of acknowledging them; they give incentives and awards that are generally called “YouTube Play Buttons”. Let us learn about them in detail. There are two levels - benefit level, and award level.

Benefit Level

These do not include awards but have certain benefits

Awards level

When your channel reaches another milestone, you are given the YouTube Creator Award, which seems to get bigger and bigger just like your subscribers. To begin you can Buy 10000 YouTube subscribers on - cheap SMM services provider. We are one of the oldest SMM providers so we have many years of experience so you can rely on us.


Here are the next higher level awards:



These awards carry financial incentives and also when you have a good number of subscribers, you get many sponsors for your videos who pay you money just for saying their name. The number of subscribers plays a huge role in your dream of getting these play buttons and becoming a famous YouTuber so you can decide to Buy 10000 YouTube subscribers. You should focus on getting more and more subscribers. Your dream of becoming a YouTuber is just some steps ahead, so don’t stop and worry, because there is a way to increase your YouTube subscribers at affordable prices, so sit back and relax.

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